Photograph by Lisa Lee

Tim Burrough makes books, sculptures and installations using materials and thoughts gathered on walks and journeys. Text pieces, short stories, sculpture and photographs develop to engage the viewer and reader in themes of memory, land, layers and time.
The materials we walk on and the thoughts that we take away from the landscape are considered in his finished works. Working primarily with photographic images and the slowness of analogue production he focuses on the role of memory and geology comparing the negative / positive process of photography to coastal rock formations worn by the tide. In recent works layers of stacked photographs, pages in books and reams of paper are compared to the strata prominent on the Dorset coast. A lifelong interest in the meeting points of land and water continue to be explored and expressed in short prose, photographic narratives and most recently in bronze castings, playing with the negative / positive process of cast making.
Tim was born in 1985 in Somerset and holds a BA Hons in Photographic Arts, 2009, from the University of Westminster and a MA in Book Arts from Camberwell College of Art 2016. He takes part in exhibitions and book fairs across the UK and in Europe. Private collectors and public collections including Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and Camberwell College of Art hold his books. Tim’s most recent activity has been helping the photographer and philanthropist Scott Mead develop a series of works and corresponding educational workshops.